ProField Tech Security is a leading professional security solutions provider in the UK

As a security solutions provider, our services are focused on providing our clients with professional security personnel and associated security services on a fully comprehensive contracted basis. At ProField Tech Security, we do not just provide our clients with security services, we will also review your security measures and procedures with you and provide proactive, practical and cost-effective solutions for site safety and crisis management.

We offer a wide range of integrated security solutions including the provision of manned security guards, CCTV security system, mobile CCTV Tower power via solar, key holding and facilities management. Our staff are all well experienced with extensive backgrounds in security services. Their vast experience and training equips our company with the required expertise to provide unmatched security services to cater for a broad range of security requirements from our large clientele with exceptional care and professionalism.

Construction Site Camera Security: Materials Theft Prevention

In every security contract we take on, our core objectives are protecting life (both that of our clients and staff), protecting assets and property and preventing criminal activities including violence and theft. Essentially, we aim to provide our clients with a safe and positive environment through consistently creating and delivering first rate and excellent security solutions to ensure the safety and security of everyone and everything under our protection and at very affordable rates too. Our outstanding levels of security service to every client has earned us an enviable reputation as one of the most efficient security companies in the UK. Contact us today and see why we are deserving of our reputation.

360 o Total Security Systems

CCTV Secure 360o Surveillance Products

ProField Tech Security Solution specializes in looking after the businesses of its clients and is regarded as one of the forward thinking and most dynamic security services provider in the United Kingdom.

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Our security management team will take care of all your security needs

Organizing an event and having it run smoothly without any hitch is underrated. There are a lot of things you need to have in place for such events to work and putting effective security measures in place is one of such measures. At ProField Tech Security, we provide our clients with professional, smart and SIA licensed security officers for event security. Our security operatives combine electronic security measures with manned guarding to offer bespoke event security solutions to our clients.

We are aware that all events come with different sets of problems but regardless, our security officers are well experienced in event security and are capable of providing top level security to all our clients no matter the type of event or venue of the event.

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Safety in your Surroundings

Where Caution Blends with Technology!

Our high tech and the advanced time-lapse system is designed to effectively capture the perimeter of a site for the purpose of managing potential threats that may occur. Our system uses a powerful Construction Site Time-Lapse Camera with a Wide Angle Motorised Lens 2.8 to 12 mm, 120° to 36. The camera is remote operated so there will be no need to have a security guard within the premises to operate it.

This one-click focus camera captures and transmits images to its RAID 1 Cloud & Monitoring Portal in 3840 x 2160 pixels. It has 4K & 4G LTE and with an 8.3MP camera lens, the time-lapse camera is just as good as the multi-megapixel DSLR cameras used by imaging and production companies.

Regarding the installation, you will not need to hire a camera installer or an electrician thanks to our pre-programming service. ProField Tech Security handles the technical configuration of the camera such that once the device is put in position and powered on, the remote viewing and image archive automatically become operational.

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Stay Secured from Fire Harms

Fire alarm technology will keep your family safe, no matter what happens

We offer remote monitoring of CCTV cameras from our state of the art control room. When we undertake a CCTV remote monitoring contract, before our security operatives proceed with the installation of the cameras, we will, first of all, inspect and analyze the site where the cameras are to be installed. This inspection and analysis will help our operatives identify specific risk factors in the premises and neighbourhood as a whole. We will also consult with the client and offer you our recommendations on the CCTV camera choice and placement.

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Protect Your Business From Anywhere

Monitor your business from anywhere and anytime

A lot of criminals like thieves and vandals tend to target warehouses, distribution facilities and other industrial sites owing to the high cost of the items often stored on the sites. Most times, during holidays and on weekends, these sites are often left unmanned making them easy targets for the thieves. This is why a lot of people who own warehouses and industrial sites often make security provisions for their property.

If you are considering a security solution for your industrial site, ProField Tech Security can provide you with SIA certified and competent security officers who can effectively cover the security needs of any industrial facility.

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Enhance Your Customer Experience

We can offer a tailored domestic security solution that will meet the client’s expectations.

Our experienced and SIA licensed security guards have received intensive training on how to provide discreet and effective protection from physical threats without disrupting the client’s schedule. They are also First Aid trained so that they can offer medical assistance if need be. As domestic security guards who will need to work close to the client’s home, it is necessary that the guards are personable and polite. Thus, the security guards we deploy for domestic security service are all very approachable yet professional so that the families they are assigned to can feel comfortable around them.

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Enhance Your Premise Lighting

Our security operative track the ProLight from our control centre

If you need a well-lit premises, whether it is an event centre, construction site, commercial site, corporate site or even a private property, ProField Tech Security can provide unrivalled pro lighting service that can keep a site well lit all year round even in the most unfavourable weather conditions like in a snowstorm or heavy rainfall.

ProField Tech Security uses the Prolectric ProLight, an award-winning powerful mobile solar lighting tower. The system is capable of delivering powerful and strong light beams with absolutely no noise. The ProLight is a better and more reliable alternative to diesel lighting which works better on a temporary basis and will require regular refuelling, servicing and maintenance compared to the ProLight.

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