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ProField Tech Security is a forward thinking and dynamic security solutions provider. Although the company is headquartered in Northampton, we have the manpower and capability to operate all over the United Kingdom for our clients. We are committed to providing reliable, innovative and cost-effective security services to clients in Northampton and all over the UK. Our highly valued clients range from big multinational corporations to retail outlets spanning across several industries including construction companies, corporate clients, industrial organizations, healthcare institutions, public sector, and private residential.

We offer the full range of security solutions including the provision of manned security guards, smart CCTV system, key holding service, electronic security systems, alarm response, and site security and management. Our advanced and high tech smart security system can be installed permanently as a better and more effective alternative to security personnel to automate a site barrier system or manage all elements of security within a premise from a remote location. Although we offer high standards of excellence, professionalism, and integrity in all our services, at ProField Tech Security we are continually seeking out new ways of improving the quality and contents of our service.

Every system development is handled by our in house IT and Operations team where bespoke solutions are built and designed to the client’s requirements. Installations, repairs and maintenance services of our security systems are handled by our engineering department in line with the detailed risk assessment report for the site. The satisfaction of our clients is of the utmost importance to us, so we see to it that all systems are fully tested before they are approved to go operational. We are reliable and trustworthy and we want our clients to know they can always count on us for the very best of security service.

As a company with a commitment to excellence, our staff are selected based on their training, qualifications, character, and dedication to  providing expert service and upholding our stringent standards. Every member of our staff brings a wealth of experience and expertise. We believe that our employees are our most important asset which is why we only employ the highest caliber in the industry.

We work tirelessly to ensure that each and every one of our client fully enjoy the benefit of our security services. Our control room is always in operation 24/7, maintained by our fully trained security supervisors. This is to ensure that every site is well monitored, such that should there be an incident that needs our attention, we can easily and promptly alert the police to respond to such incidents. Our mobile security operatives will also be coordinated to respond to the pertinent incident and we will not leave until the threat or danger has been dealt with and the property secure and safe for the client.

ProField Tech Security prides itself as a company that offers versatile and adaptable security services to its clients. Integrity, professionalism, loyalty, trust, and quality are our core values and we do well to integrate these values in all our services. When you hire us to provide you with security service, our business development managers will consult you to discuss and review your individual security needs. This approach will help us in building and implementing security solutions uniquely tailored to fully meet your requirements. Not only is our security service highly effective and unrivaled, but it is also very cost efficient. This is why we are one of the top security companies in the UK and this is why you can rely on us to safeguard you and your assets.

Our Ethos
At ProField Tech Security Solutions, our vision is to become the top security service provider in the United Kingdom – from the implementation of exceptional security solutions for clients to our highly rated staff training and with great customer care as always.
Regardless of the security needs of our clients, our security management team has security operatives with expert level experience to easily discern the scope of any project and create bespoke security solutions that will eliminate the problems.
ProField Tech Security Solution’s staff are all well trained, polite and approachable. Our security operatives are able to build trust with the individuals they work with to make them feel at ease while remaining thoroughly professional.
ProField Tech Security Solution offers security service tailored to the specific security needs of each client. Our services are quite flexible and when dealing with clients, we are always honest about what is achievable.