Accreditation Partners

At ProField Tech Security, we are passionate about security and we are committed to ensuring that we are able to provide our clients with top level security solutions. That is why we are continually improving our standards, to enhance our performance and ensure that we are in compliance with the regulations and requirements of the industry in accordance with UK standards. We achieve this assurance by attaining various external accreditations and certifications demanded and recognized in the industry.

Our Accreditation

The Contractor Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS)

CHAS is the most widely recognized and demanded accreditation for health and safety pre-qualification in the UK. The accreditation is given to suppliers and to the buyers who are in compliance with health and safety laws as outlaid by CDM regulations. ProField Tech Security is a CHAS accredited supplier in health and safety management and as such, our clients can be guaranteed that the services we deliver meet and exceed the nationally recognized and required standards.

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Security Industry Authority’s Approved Contractor Scheme (SIA ACS)

ProField Tech Security is ACS approved for working in accordance with the standards set by The Private Security Industry Act 2001. The Approved Contractor Scheme is an accreditation given to promote higher performance standards and help develop new opportunities in the private security industry. The ACS accreditation, although not mandatory is a highly coveted accreditation. Companies are expected to meet the high-reaching standards set by the accrediting agency before they can be approved in the Contractor Scheme. As an ACS approved company, we provide our clients with the reassurance that we are thoroughly qualified to offer the security services we make available.

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Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS)

The objective of the Construction Skills Certification Scheme is the minimize the accidents that occur in construction sites while boosting quality. Since the establishment of the Scheme in 1995, construction related accidents have greatly reduced proving the Scheme to be successful. Today, more than one million CSCS cards have been issued and ProField Tech Security Solutions is one of the CSCS approved security providers. The CSCS card is an indication that the staff are qualified and well informed regarding the health and safety issues related to the job. This approval ensures that the personnel on site are safeguarded while boosting general productivity and efficiency in the industry.

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Construction Line

ProField Tech Security Solutions is a registered member of the Construction Line. The Construction Line keeps an up-to-date register of every pre-qualified construction service and suppliers for construction contracts in the U.K. The register is a benchmark of quality several buyers and organizations refer to before contracting the services of a company.

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Safe Contractors Accreditation (SCA)

The SCA was established to promote high standards of competence in every profession through the provision of health and safety assessments tailored to suit different industries and sectors. As an SCA accredited company, we take pride in our extensive staff training process where our security operatives are adequately trained on how to improve working conditions and provide a safe environment for everyone.

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BS EN ISO 9001

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us which is why ProField Tech Security Solutions adopts the BS EN ISO 9001 framework in meeting the requirements of customers and managing the business. This framework has helped us in the improvement of the quality of our service to increase customer satisfaction and employee motivation. Improved quality of service means better business performance which can help to attract new clients and boost the reputation of the brand. Click here for more information about ISO 9001.