Biometric Access Control and construction workforce management

We offer remote monitoring of CCTV cameras from our state of the art control room to identify specific risk factors in the premises and neighbourhood as a whole.


The unit consist cutting edge technology to assist with site attendances, in case of Fire emergency and allow site monitoring from place of safety. The system can be easily adapted to all doors and gate access and can grow with a company to provide full flexibility. Systems can be linked to fire and burglar alarm if required and produce automatic reports in case of an emergency rapidly.

  1. Signing in and out “anywhere in construction” e.g canteen or access gate.
  2. Time and attendance reporting.
  3. FIRE Evacuation in and out instant registration
  4. Live roll call can be seen on the screen and printed for evacuation purposes. LLBS
    (local labour and business scheme) data capture and reporting.
  5. Accidents can easily be recorded and used to produce accurate real time AFR
    reports later.
  6. Real time near miss captures on ruggedised touchscreen tablets.

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The biometric system recognizes employees from a 2-3 meter distance. The system has been highly recommended during this pandemic as it helps with social distancing and employees do not have to sign in using pen and paper. Our staff are available to install the systems all over the United Kingdom.

Time attendance Biometric system For the Supply, Installation & Commissioning of ;

  • Time Attendances (Duty On/Off, Overtime….) Time zone
  • Face Capacity 1500, Fingerprint capacity 5000, card capacity 5000
  • High Recognition Accuracy – High Resolution + Dual infrared Camera
  • Three download modes – The system automatically generates report, which can be downloaded in three ways: USB disk, Data cable and network


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