Body Worn CCTV Cameras with 4G live transmission

Our multi-award-winning cameras improve personal safety for frontline workers with their distinctive front-facing screen proven to reduce the likelihood of verbal or physical abuse.


Complete Body Worn Camera Solutions

Profield provides a full range of Body Cameras and supporting systems that provide total convenience.

As a complete solution provider, we focus on much more than cameras. Our services include Evidence Management Software, multi-unit docking stations and accessories – all backed by Profield dedicated support team who are committed to your success.

All of our hardware and software is fully designed and manufactured in the UK, and is specifically engineered to meet and exceed the BSI’s BS8593: Code of Practice for the Effective Deployment of Body Worn Video (BWV).

WCCTV Body Cameras: 4G Live Video and Recording

Profield’s Body Worn Cameras lead the market in terms of features and functionality, technical capability and ease of use for the wearer and video manager.

Profield’s range of body cameras includes the WCCTV Body Worn Camera (Connect)+ and the WCCTV Body Worn Camera (Record).

The  Body Worn Camera (Connect)+ is a multi-award-winning body worn camera offering live transmission of video, audio, real-time alerts and GPS information via 4G connectivity.

Live transmission enhances safety for the wearer by sending alerts and live video from the camera back to a remote operator. This allows for real-time intervention in any threatening situations.

Unlike other live transmission body worn camera systems, the Profield Body Worn Camera (Connect)+ is a single unit with no external cables, battery packs, transmission units or tethering.

The Body Worn Camera (Record) captures audio and video on the move. With High Definition playback up to 1080p, up to 30 frames per second, and all footage date, time and GPS location stamped, you can be sure of the evidential integrity of all footage recorded.

The Body Worn Camera (Record) also features inbuilt Wi-Fi capability to provide live transmission and wireless downloading of footage when in range.

Our range of solutions includes:

  • Body Worn Camera (Record)
  • Body Worn Camera (Connect)+
  • Evidence Management Software
  • Smart Hub Docking Stations (2 and 8 way)


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