Mobile DVRs : Site CCTV monitoring solution that connects most systems

We offer remote monitoring of CCTV cameras from our state of the art control room to identify specific risk factors in the premises and neighbourhood as a whole.


If you need a cost efficient security solution for your property and employees, remote monitoring might be the security service you need. At ProField Tech Security Solutions, we offer remote monitoring solution that connects CCTV systems installed on the clients’ property directly to our monitoring stations which is manned all round the clock by our professionally trained security operatives. The security operatives monitor the premises from the control room via the CCTV link and in the event of attempted criminal activity, they can alert the police and initiate other procedures like issue live verbal warnings to ensure a rapid and appropriate response to the situation.

Wireless CCTV setup

Construction and company’s are often looking at ways to reduce their ongoing infrastructure costs and increase their video bandwidth. SilverNets Wireless solutions can offer massive savings over cabling.

In addition to the Access Control system, ProField Tech Security Solutions’ CCTV system can also be integrated with intruder alarms, fire detection systems and other surveillance systems. When intelligently integrated with any other ProField Tech Security Solutions’ systems, our CCTV systems can form a robust security solution.

ProField Tech Security Solutions CCTV systems are one of the most reliable and efficient camera systems in the security industry today. We provide CCTV systems that can be used in basically every business application. Our site CCTV protection comes equipped with live viewing, remote viewing through a unique web login, live voice warnings, a wireless connection and motion sensors. Our CCTV systems can also be integrated with other security solutions like the Access Control system. In this case, the CCTV can be used in the identification of personnel and to verify the identity of card holders and prevent unauthorized access to the site.

The system can serve as an economical alternative to manned guards, providing an automated site barrier while being remotely managed. Whether you are using it as a stand alone security solution or in a combination with other security systems, our site CCTV protection are highly effective in keeping properties safe and secure.

Get in touch with us today for your site CCTV protection service. We will work with you to identify your unique security needs to develop a solution that will meet your requirements.


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